Soft Shadows Portland, OR

Reverb Is for Lovers Record Release @ Bunk Bar 10/29/13

Our record release show for Reverb Is for Lovers will be at Bunk Bar – Tuesday, October 29th. We’ll be teaming up with the sweet sounds of Appendixes and Wishyunu to celebrate! Appendixes is hitting the roads for their west coast tour the next day and Wishyunu just flew in from NY coming back from CMJ. So, it’ll be like a happy little reunion before we go different ways again. CD’s and 7″‘s will be available for sale.

Portland Mercury write up for the show:
(Bunk Bar, 1028 SE Water) Tonight, Soft Shadows—who formerly went by Sundaze—play a release show for their debut album, Reverb Is for Lovers. The band’s dreamy blend of shoegaze pop pairs perfectly with the crisp fall nights we’ve been having lately. Soft Shadows take cues from the glory days of shoegaze, bringing to mind the delicate bliss of Galaxie 500, adding just enough distortion to tickle your ears but not drench the music. Much like WL did earlier this year on their debut, Soft Shadows position themselves at the front of a strong pack of Portland dream-weavers. If My Bloody Valentine decide to schedule a Portland date, plenty of local bands are making the type of beautiful, thunderous noise that could work as a worthy opening act. On Reverb Is for Lovers, Soft Shadows make an awfully strong case to fill that slot. CT

Facebook event RSVP here

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