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QRO Magazine review on “I Want To Be With You” Video

QRO Magazine graciously wrote a piece on the “I Want To Be With You” music video.

Portland trio Sundaze, who QRO featured on our mp3 page back in May with “Wish You Lived Alone” (QRO mp3 review), recently became a duo and are now Soft Shadows.  New track “I Want to Be With You”was written before the name change, and the essence of their sound hasn’t changed since the project is largely the work of the frontman, June Kang. Accompanying the longing, fragile vocals is Kang’s trademark virile guitar riffs – a gratifying counterpoint to keep the song from becoming too sentimental.

Soft Shadows’ synth player, Thuy-Duong Le created a video for “I Want to Be With You”, by editing together footages she gathered from her visits to Bình Dương, Vietnam and Kyoto, Japan via on foot, motobike, rickshaw and Shinkansen (bullet train). Le had no intention of making a music video on her trip, but somehow the images fell nicely into a song about a girl aimlessly wondering, looking to be found.

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